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It’s a matter of attitude

Building a career might not be as straight as you think. A recent study by RHR shows what companies look for in their future flock and what they perceive as effective for getting there. What strikes me in the demands of future leaders is the amount of soft factors that make for a successful career – the business thinking and strategic focus that is at the core of most management magazines doesn’t seem to have such a high value as is often assumed. On the development side there is also a big impact when the right relationships are in place and the assignments fit the person.

What Companies Look for in their Future Leaders
(Percentage of companies that endorsed each ability, N = 111 )
• Ability to build strong relationships internally and externally: 86%
• Openness to change and growth: 81%
• Courage to make the “right” decisions: 75%
• Ability to motivate and inspire others: 75%
• Level of self confidence: 70%
• Awareness of one’s own strengths and limitations: 68%
• Personal desire to succeed: 68%
• Commitment to the success of business, even when personal sacrifice is involved: 67%
• A core set of leadership values that the individual lives by: 67%
• Broad, comprehensive knowledge of the business: 65%
• Decisiveness: 60%
• Ability to identify and develop talent: 57%
• Superior intellectual abilities: 45%
• Other: 12%

The Perceived Effectiveness of Development Experiences
(Average rated effectiveness of each activity where 1 = ineffective and 5 = extremely effective)
• Developmental, “stretch” assignments within company 3.9
• Involved boss 3.7
• Development assessments by outside consultants 3.5
• In-house executive education programs 3.4
• Formal development planning 3.4
• Mentoring relationships with senior executives 3.4
• Use of outside the company coaches 3.3
• Coaching relationships within company 3.3
• Rigorous monitoring of progress against development goals 3.2
• External executive education programs 3.1
• Peer contact and feedback 3.1

So its time to build some interpersonal skills

or hire smarter people around yourself, as Kevin Roberts of Saatchi & Saatchi says.


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